The big change of the paradigm in the energy industry is coming, and we are preparing for when that time comes by developing solutions to harvest the solar energy originated from photovoltaic technology and use it to store it in stationary batteries as well as for electric cars.

The energy generated by your photovoltaic system can be used inside your home and store it for when the electricity prices and grid power are higher. Electric vehicles can be also recharged through our energy transaction platform, which is based on blockchain technology.

The PVBAT platform gives you the option of recharging your electric vehicle quickly or on a slower manner by offering different energy plans at different always convenient rates. It will always be cheaper than using fossil fuels and you will be using solar energy to conmute around the city.

Our batteries are monitored by a central system, which allows to monitor the state of charge and health of the batteries. These can be charged modularly through solar power generation plants distributed throughout the city.

The system is based on the advanced manufacturing platform Solar Robotics®, which develops technology for energy storage and electromobility.